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Serving Patients Through the Years



  • After working in telepsychiatry since 2006 as one of the nation’s pioneers in telemedicine, eMeet Today was established in 2009 to provide medical professionals (eDoctor Today) and mental health providers (ePsych Today) with a way to connect virtually with patients, addiction facilities, health plans, hospitals, employers and prisons through a HIPAA-secure, Cloud-based telehealth platform.


  • By 2013, eMeet Today was a leader in the field of telemedicine and telemental health. Physicians and mental health professionals provided patients with virtual sessions that were easy to access, convenient and HIPAA secure. Telemedicine and telemental health quickly emerged as a viable service that physicians and mental health professionals incorporated into their practices.


  • Senior leadership that developed eMeet Today was comprised of experts and executives drawn from across all sectors in the health care space: clinical healthcare delivery, health insurance companies and managed care networks, Employee Assistant Programs (EAPs), technology and finance.


  • The team was directed by Stephen Lower, Ph.D., president and CEO, Quantum EAR, Director of Psychology Associates Outpatient Mental Health Clinics in eastern Pennsylvania, and the major shareholder in Complete Telehealth Solutions LLC.  Dr. Lower’s 40 years of experience in the practice, management and delivery of healthcare services gives him a well-informed appreciation of the challenges facing healthcare delivery today. 




  • In 2017 eMeet Today merged with Quantum Health Solutions Inc.


Over the years, Quantum Health Solutions and eMeet Today have formed strategic partnerships with proven companies that address our clients’ specific needs and can deliver on their promises. 



  • Quantum began in 1982 specifically to design and deliver EAPs and behavioral health care services. Quantum has been providing over 30 years of continuous service to its clients. 


  • Quantum's mantra has always been to adapt to emerging healthcare conditions by being creative, persistent, resilient and robust in providing different products.


  • As a result of the merger, Quantum Health Solutions developed four distinct divisions:  


Quantum EAP ~ 1982     


  • The Quantum Employee Assistance Program offers clients access to counseling for a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues. Our national team of professional counselors provide accessible, short-term counseling within comfortable and supportive environments. Quantum offers you and your employer a highly personalized, tailored approach to each situation.


Quantum Review ~ 1999


  • Quantum’s Behavioral Health Management (BHM) services provide employers with significant cost containment and a return on investment.


  • As the first step, our BHM program offers centralized diagnostic and referral functions that include identification of the most clinically appropriate and cost-effective level of intervention and referral to the appropriate Quantum behavioral network provider. 


  • The BHM component monitors all phases of the treatment process, starting with the initial request for treatment.  Quantum Case Managers assess the necessity and appropriateness of treatment, develop a plan for monitoring care, and approve provider treatment plans with internal protocols and criteria for clinical care.


Quantum Net ~ 2003


  • Quantum Net’s national medical and behavioral health networks include more than 13,000 behavioral health providers and 30,000 credentialled medical professionals.  Physicians are licensed and credentialed for every state including Puerto Rico.  All are trained in virtual medicine, insured and DEA registered. 


  • We offer onsite and virtual care and can provide after-hours, emergency and urgent coverage.


  • Quantum Network administrators have more than 20 years of experience in credentialing, recruiting, contracting and billing.  Staff has extensive understanding of the commercial insurance market place along with expertise in Medicare/Medicaid policy.


Quantum Health Connect ~ 2017


  • No one company has all the answers in the emerging telehealth market place.


  • With over 15 years of experience in telehealth, QHC is adept at identifying strategic partners and proven companies that address specific telehealth needs to deliver best-in-class services across the telehealth continuum.


  • At the same time, to continually exceed the expectations of our clients, QHC is always alert to find and incorporate the latest, most reliable and innovative products and services emerging in this rapidly changing virtual environment.


  • QHC’s solutions incorporate telemedicine, national provider networks, virtual clinics, behavioral health assessments, remote patient monitoring, telehealth hardware and data management systems.


  • QHC works with each client to develop creative, customized solutions that meet your unique needs.


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