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Our mission is to provide solutions that transform healthcare delivery through telehealth.  

QHC was founded by qualified experts that have over 40 years experience in healthcare and 15 years of experience in telehealth innovation and delivery.  Our executive leadership consists of individuals from diverse telehealth backgrounds that span the full range of virtual healthcare delivery concerns.


Anthony Riccio
CEO / Senior Partner

Anthony Riccio is CEO and senior partner of Quantum Health Connect and its sister company, Quantum Health Solutions, a national Employee Assistance Program founded in 1982.  He has held leadership roles in the private sector and military for over 30 years, establishing businesses and directing operations that successfully resolve complex problems with innovative, client-focused solutions.


At QHC, Anthony partners with clients to craft customized paths to implementation that are seamless and “painless” for clinicians, staff and patients.  Clients benefit from his expertise in clinical service and care management models, workflow design and data management and analytics.


As a senior advisor for the Department of Defense and associated agencies, one of Anthony’s passions is developing programs that “bridge the gap” across cultural divisions. He and his command teams directed health care service delivery for US military, governmental agencies and local civilian authorities and populations in many third world countries, including conflict and post-conflict areas. One of his passions is developing programs that “bridge the gap” across cultural divisions.  Anthony has extensive experience in international planning, staffing, and administration of humanitarian assistance; resources management; socio-cultural data analysis; support to civil administration; and foreign medical emergency services.  His work involved complex synchronization and management services for projects in 20 countries.


Anthony’s background in providing clinical services in austere environments inspired his efforts to use telehealth to help health care providers in the US fill gaps to ensure access to the mental and emotional health care services—including opioid addiction treatment and behavioral health integration--needed in their communities.

Steve Lower, Ph.D.
Senior Partner

Dr. Steve Lower has dedicated his career to redefining healthcare delivery through telehealth solutions. For over 40 years, Dr. Lower has been providing high-quality, high-value behavioral health care services in his clinics in Philadelphia, through his Employee Assistance Program (EAP) company established in 1982, and more recently with Quantum Health Connect. 


Dr. Lower has become increasingly concerned because over the last four decades, America has ignored a growing behavioral health problem. As state mental health facilities were closed across the country in the early '70s, no system was put in place to deal with the nation’s mental health needs. Many in this country looked the other way and hoped the problems would go away. Well, the problems did not go away and now America has a mental health epidemic.  


It is estimated that in the US, 31 million people spent $9 billion last year on behavioral health treatment.  Millions of people living in rural areas and the disabled are more susceptible to mental illness, but they have less access to treatment due to geographic and mobility constraints. Seventy percent of the counties in this country have no behavioral health workers.  A recent USA Today Special Report estimated that benefits for those with emotional disorders who cannot support themselves and the loss of productivity costs the US economy more than $444 billion each year.  A recent New York Times article stated that general hospitals will spend $38.5 billion this year caring for patients whose primary issue was a behavioral health diagnosis.


QHC is working to address this crisis by delivery solutions that enable access and improve treatment for behavioral health patients.  Our products and services include virtual offices, a national network of medical & behavioral health providers, Behavioral Health Assessments, telehealth hardware & software, Remote Patient Monitoring, and data management & predictive analytics. To help address the opioid and addiction epidemic, QHC’s treatment approaches include virtual medication-assisted treatment and virtual EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement & Desensitization Reprocessing). 


QHC is dedicated to providing solutions that transform healthcare delivery through telehealth and to integrating medical & behavioral health care.

Nevin Brittain
Founder and CEO, Health Numeric

During the busiest years of Nevin Brittain’s career, his great-grandmother passed due to complications associated with diabetes. Years of disconnected care, readmissions to the hospital, lack of collaboration, and an unclear action plan for the care team lead to his great-grandmother’s untimely death. Armed with his knowledge and experiences, Nevin created Health Numeric to give caregivers the tools they need to better care for their patients and loved ones.


Nevin graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in Computer Engineering. He began his Network Engineering career at Nortel Network one on the largest computer networking companies in the world. Nevin became a subject matter expert in technologies that helped large corporations securely share data and collaborate.

Eileen Connolly photo(1).jpg
Dr. Eileen Connolly
Vice President, Development

Dr. Eileen Connolly is a licensed psychologist with more than 25 years of clinical experience. Dr. Connolly started her career as a social worker in hospital settings working with psychiatric patients and individuals with addictive disorders. After earning her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Temple University, she became head of the Employee Assistance Program at the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, N.J. After leaving that position, Eileen has maintained a small private practice.

Dr. Connolly has also been a consultant to major corporations. She owns a consulting business and has formed several strategic alliances in the areas of leadership development. Dr. Connolly's experience includes the implementation of programs designed to improve the performance of leaders at all levels and enhance the efficiency, productivity and profitability of operations.  She is a seasoned executive coach. Her clients have been varied, from entrepreneurial companies to Fortune 30 organizations. She has coached leaders across a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, financial, advertising, telecommunications, construction, and cosmetics.

john black.jpg
John Black
Chief Information Officer

As President of Aragon National, John Black provides consulting and expertise in areas involving intense complexity (“wicked problems”), Big Data analytics (visualization to insights), and socio-cultural intelligence and information mapping.  Areas of experience include international humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, intelligence applications against counterinsurgency data sets, research evaluation, and the extraction of practical insight from intelligence in support of strategic decision-making.  John’s current clients include the Department of Defense, Sun Tek Systems Inc. and Gramercy Hill Partners. 

John served for more than 30 years (ret.) with US Army Special Operations and Peacekeeping (Special Forces, Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations) and has 23 years (ret.) in law enforcement.  John was an advisor for the DoD Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration Program using wicked problems perspective and design thinking to address socio-cultural problem sets to rapidly develop and execute operational prototypes.  He is a recognized expert witness in federal and state courts on police practices and tactics and officer-involved use of force.  Areas of research include a doctoral dissertation exploring the link between business intelligence visualization, critical thinking and decision-making.

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